Dear Purple Circle of Portland,

Thank you all so much for writing to me. No damage done, or no restitution. I’ve gone to video arraignment. I have Lisa Whittier and she’s gonna try to get me out on Maine Pre-Trial, but, if that should back fire, I’m gonna see if I can go bed to bed at Spruce Street.

I dumped Paul when I found out he was a sex offender on his son. I did put myself through detox at Maine general hospital for seven days. Really nice program. I moved from the dump that I was renting on the hill. I moved across the river. I’m back with my ex-husband he doesn’t’ have a jealous streak about him. It’s more like friends. There’s a lot of women in here, only two women are sentenced. When there is an opening, I’ll be doing volunteer laundry, at least get out for the day.

I’m waiting to have Lisa get the no-contact with Pete and I, which she said should never happened before he can send me some money. Hope to hear back from you soon. I’ll be thinking of you all.



Cherrio, free civilians, how farest thee” I happen to be just so, well. One of my names is Whisper and my biggest challenge is not really a challenge, in the negative “Oh, this is a problem!” No, I’m challenged by putting serious effort into bringing about change inside and outside of myself. Don’t get me wrong, there are somethings, a lot of things about me that I love, but self-improvement is a job never finished. It waas just the only thing I’ve been doing . Call me self-centered. I think about my self a lot. Ha-ha! In other words, not much happening in C-Pod general population to be challenged by.

I’m out of my cell effing six hours of the day (counting chow.) Today, though, we were locked down pretty much all day. Yuppy pencil-necks getting trained to be C.O.s and they have to lock us down to practice. Not cool. I saw one of the trainees, I tell you, I would have a chance to become one. God forbid. He looked more frightened than a flightless bird in a barrel of silver pikes. We did get two hours out, a soda, a candy bar and a movie (“Red”) in exchange for our boredom.

I got a nifty little surprise last earlier in the week: one of those hands that everyone signs at Circle, and song lyrics! Awesome. Thank you, Circle of the Stars! I would like to give a shout out to Buska; thank you! Kitty – hang in there, girl. Suzi – beautiful work. Raven: I’ve got my chin up, darling and love right back at you. Last but not least, Sundance, thank you.

And don’t let those Deadwood Marshals breath down your necks too much.

And if I don’t see you again today, good afternoon, good evening and good night.


Yea, there have been some crazy things up here. Somebody just got killed the other Day.

They’re finally starting to give more programs, however, they are forcing us to take them, rather than offering them to us.

The last six months have been something else.

However, there has been a bright spot.

I would like to say a few words to C-Square Circle, of the Southern Tribe of RTW, Holistic Recovery Project: thank you for all the cards that you’ve sent to me. It means a lot to me to get them. It reminds me that I’m not forgotten. How are you guys? I hope that this letter finds yo healthy, wealthy and wise.. HaHaHa or at least as close to them as possible.

Is there anything I can do to help your Circle? I would like to send some love, support and good will back towards you all. Please don’t hesitate to ask. My help might be limited, but whatever I can do I will. Your work matters and you are making a difference. So please stay safe on the outside. There is nothing fun, smart or cool about being locked up. Recognize and appreciate the joys of physical freedom. Hug and kiss your loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you.

As I am,


One of my names is Barukama Hasatiya Itiemytietienmytie. I recently filled out a form for an education program. Among the questions was “what are your interests! I answered that I was into New Age schools of thought. My first impulse was to say I am interested in pretty much everything. Pretty much. The Victorian girls with strap-ons, books, inspirational posters, Jessica kuehl and a ‘58 Chevy, Pink Gelatin Skeleton, the History of the World, the KGB, Rhiana’s drinking habits, spirals, cobwebs, latticework, women eating babies, Atherna pallas, Divine Seekers, magic, yeah, pretty much everything.

Another question asked “how does one have many friends, yet keep to themselves?” I didn’t really know how to answer that one. Ho, ho. All the other questions are of no interest to you. Are you full of yourself? “would have been a good one, but such is life.” I do need to go call all newspaper editors on you, right now. Level one takes one week, not thirty days (refer to last weeks blog, either by shadow or Mustafa.) Also would like poll results, is that charming or creepy? I know I should consider the overall misfortune that is, reading all incoming mail, but I happen to be horribly impatient. Boredom does happen to wear on one’s nerves, but, after being married to who I was married to, I came across Iron Will. Go figure.

I heard an old country song on the radio the other day. It was called “Boogie Woogie” by Meryle Haggard, I think. Sweet song, anyway. As usual, I’m reading all kinds of things, my aim, most recently is to memorize a monolog from “Hamlet.” Not the “to be or not to be..” stuff. Too cliché. Cliches are great, but sometimes, the monologue I like is the one about maggots and fishmongers. Other then that I haven’t been up to very much. But, not from a lack of want. Viva La Revolution.

Yours truly.

Do you have a pattern in your life dating alcoholic men? I do. It goes like this:

You’ve met someone new you really like, they’re intelligent, sensitive and charming and thy really seem to like you. You wonder why he is not married or why he is single… again. You have a few dates, all goes well, dreams are shared, insights revealed. Then, suddenly, usually several weeks into the relationship, come the mood swings and the irrational behavior, occurring daily and always directed toward you.

If you’re happy being second best then go for it. But if you want something better for yourself l

What can should you do if you suspect that you’re dating an alcoholic? In all honesty?


Admitted “functioning” alcoholic who has it all “under control” or not, you will always come off second best. Alcohol will always be the priority of the active alcoholic. They are emotionally unavailable. Getting involved with an alcoholic, in my experience, will always end with tears. Unfortunately, for the alcoholic, Alcohol is his one and only.

There is a reason why alcoholic men end up 50 years old and single, unemployed, living in a tiny apartment with tons of debt, talking big dreams and plans that will never happen.


One of my names is Whisper, and I’m coming to you live from Windham Prison CGP. Fellow revolutionaries, how is the weather out there? The weather in here stays exactly the same no matter the day.

Much has changed concerning the process of classification. A-Pod is split into top and bottom versus the previous, north and south setup. The tier system is still in effect, but has drastically changed. When a person first gets here, he is allowed the usual 20 minutes for each mean time, then one hour in the morning and one after dinner. After three weeks one then gets an hour between lunch and dinner, that’s tier two.

“To MI5: if you steam this open you are dirty buggers.”

Here in CGP we have a level system. I, being here for overflow reasons was grandfathered into the level system. If a person goes to seg for any reason, their recreation time and commissary orders get severely limited for thirty days. Three hours of rec each \day and a twenty five dollar commissary allowance.

What’s more is this fucking CO lout by the name of Powell. Real piece of work, I tell you. Once inmate had come from seg and Powell wouldn’t let him have his rec time. The guy ended up getting maced because he wouldn’t obey Powell. Another instance Powell lost his temper with an inmate, he yelled and dropped the f-bomb. There’s more, but I don’t know specifics. A fellow started filing grievances and had his mother start calling the commissioner and what not. The inmate mentioned was transferred to M.S.P. a few days ago.

Other than that bucket of horse sweat, my family back in Michigan sent me some yen (money, that is.) Not much but enough to get some real tooth paste, coffee and a dictionary. Not only will I know the meanings of words, I’ll know how to spell them, too. Yay!

I have started reading “Crown of Swords” book number 7 of Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” series and it is cherry plush. It is my honest opinion that everyone should read it. Okay, it’s not “Catcher in the Rye” or “Scaramoche” but it happens to be very spot-on good, chap. I can’t wait to get into “the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson.

I don’t like the way Lisbeth is looking at me, then again, I kind of do. I hope my handwriting is getting better. My hands look like that of a piano player, not a stenographer. Hah!

Until next week, humans, I remain,


My name is Daniel Fortune, and I’m currently incarcerated at the Maine State Prison. Google me. A non-murderer serving two life sentences (God bless Maine;) Google me. I’d be glad to answer any questions you might have.

I’m tall (well, 5’8”, so not so tall,) dark and handsome, 100% Haitian, born in Port-au-Prince in 1987. Spent my childhood in Brooklyn, NY, so I stay in that Empire State of mind. Was adopted, moved to Maine, went to middle school and became a high achiever and a football star at high school in Gardiner.

I’m seeking smart, beautiful and funny women to correspond with. I love women, and I don’t care if you’re from the hood, the burbs, the country or, whatever you’re likes, dislikes and experiences are. I know that we’ll be able to find things to write about. (I do have the time.)

I’m a 110% intelligent human being. Knowledge is power, ergo, I love learning new things. I promise that no woman who writes to me will regret it. Whether you’re a busy, successful independent lady who’s bored and looking to try something new (this would certainly be new, right?) or lonely and just looking for someone to listen and be there, you’ll find that I’m what you want/need.

Forget e-mails. Wouldn’t you enjoy some long letters in your mailbox?

Take a chance and write to me. I’ll always write back, and rather quickly, and, I’ve been told that I’m a great listener. I could be your personal “Dear Abby.” If you’re looking for a man to communicate with, look no further. And, think about it – you won’t have to worry about any pop ins!

Holler at me!

As I am,

Daniel “Prince” Fortune
807 Cushing Road
Warren, Maine

I have seen not the writing
But scratches on the wall
Truest cause of fighting
Forced to my fall

Far from who I should
Be a king most right
To lead those who would
Be alone a lovely sight

Seeing in vision double
Down the lines you speak
Well wishing me troubled
With all I seek

Out of such aged pages
Turn to what you know
The well and played stages to put on a show

All things I know not
The uncaring glutton wife
To foolish knowing got
The view worst of life

Hey, thanks for letter and card. I be out Friday, May 16th, 9am or 10am. Someone should come down to the jail and pick me up. If I don’t come out at 9am, wait until 10am.

I have 55 more days to due. I can’t wait to see you guys. I have plenty of $$$ so pick me up. I know we will be walking. Rage’s guitar and violin is at a house on Munjoy Hill, there safe.

Come visit me. It’s been six months since anyone was here. Visit hours are at 5:15, Saturday, Wed. at 8:15. So come down. If not, that okay. Still come may 16th, 9 or 10am.

I am getting big from work out hard. Oh, by the way, I love you guys. Remember Joan Baez?

I wrote a song, it goes like this: “The Rage is in my head, someday I be dead, so I am going to the end.”

That the first part. So write me. Tell everybody “hay.” Don’t write color paper, or they will send it back.

See ya, may 16th, 9 or 10 am.


Blanket head.

Hello, everyone. One of my names is Whisper and my biggest challenge is learning how to spell and make my handwriting legible. Must look like chicken scratch when it’s not typed. Sorry again about that. Other than that, things on the inside are swimming. Though about two weeks ago all hell started breaking loose, now it’s riots, fights, hooch and all day lockdowns. All in all, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’m in effing prison, after all. Miss cigarettes something fierce. I tell you, my dear, if I could sit here and smoke whilst writing you.

My cellmate has a radio, signal is awful but what is one but to make do. At the end of the day what I listen to will seldom be played on that little college station. So quite S.O.L. on that. Hopefully my friend Buska can send me the lyrics to some of my favorite songs. Can’t wait but indeed that’s really all I do here.

There was a row about Poker. Don’t play myself, but the houses record was found by the police. Everyone on the list was called into the hall and questioned by the Captain. Naturally no one said a word, they got progressively more upset the more peeps he questioned.

Another challenge I’ve had is motivating to work out. I really should be more regular with it. I do workout, but only now and then. I have kept up on my reading though. I have about 25 books in my room, just begging me to read them. Plays, fantasy novels, memoirs, essay anthologies, you name it, I have hoarded it. Currently reading “the Coming of Seth” by Jane Roberts, “To know Yourself” by Albert Low and the work of Edna St. Vincent Millet. Funny note, just saw St. Vincentia, a female vocalist on the Colbert Report. Love that bird.

A good friend of mine told me once: “Don’t trust people who write things down. They’re most likely juju men, or white coats.” I have some bad news old friends. Started writing everything down. EVERTTHING!!! It’s the only way that I can cope, vent and learning everything I read, about Bill Roach, and control, the Buddha, my own thoughts, to you folks in TV land, even books and movies like “Fraulines in Uniform” to look up when I get out. Don’t do much drawing, not good with blue bic pens and don’t feel like manufacturing my own watercolor set. Concerning things artsy, I write poetry, but alas, I must motivate for that as well. Much easier to do than pushups! Ha ha.

I met a girl at one of our Circles. After the meeting, her, one of my friends and I went to that courtyard by an art museum and a sushi place. You know, across the street from CVS on Congress . We smoked some weed, someone charged their phone. I think this girl is sexy/beautiful, but I couldn’t flirt with her at the time, me being married and all, but, as of now, I’m divorced. As far as I’m concerned the rest is only a matter of paperwork. For the life of me, I can’t remember her name. I thought I had it figured so I acted upon that knowledge. In retrospect, I’m not so sure. If the girl who I’m talking about is reading this, please contact me.

Oh, my God – I’m such a stalker, aren’t I? Okay, let’s take a poll. Is that charming, or creepy? You decide, then get back to me.

Lastly, it’s good to have family, when you get locked up. They send you letters and of a lesser extent, money.

This is the great an powerful Whisper, signing off until next week, humans.

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