My name is Ghe Grip – MDOC# 5029.

I have been incarcerated 25 times in Kennebec County Jail (Maine) and am workingon completing my 6th state bid (Arson). Not once have I been offered rehab. Every crime I’ve ever committed was while drunk.

The sex offenders here in Maine correctional Center have a special program. They have a pizza party once a month, and get paid to do the program. This place just stopped them from going out to work in the community last year because there was an incident with one involving a child.

Jeffrey Merrill Jr is the son of the ex-Warden of the Maine state prison. Jeff Merrill Jr went from being a janitor / maintenance man at the prison to being the Chief of Security here at MCC.

The correctional system here in Maine is over-crowded, so they rent space from York county jail and have 3 other counties house MDOC inmates. Yet they have about 50 open beds at all times in Dorms 5 & 6. The Maine State Prison has 2 pods that are not in use that hold about 80 people each.

MCC is supposed to cut back on costs, yet they leave the night lights on all day.

MCC medical department takes people off from their meds and gives them something cheaper whenever possible.

Unit manager Jacobson went from being the trash man here in MCC to running Dorms 5 & 6 which house about 112 in each at full capacity.

A building they call “Behind the Wall,” which is security North & South, had been condemned long before my 1st round in ’98. They still use it to this day and pay a yearly fine for doing so.

No one cares.

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– Ghe Grip
MDOC# 5029
17 Mallison Falls Rd
Windham, ME  04062