My dad blew his brains out when I was twelve.

I was finally diagnosed with deep depression, I’d have to say in 2000.

So then I was in prison, & I got put on Geodone, which worked great. Got out of prison & couldn’t afford the geodone, ’cause it was $800, or some crazy amount. (They gave me some meds when I left prison, but not much).

So I wasn’t on geodone, but coming off it I got so physically sick – I mean, I didn’t want to go off it, you know, but once I finally was off of it, I didn’t want to get back on it & have to go off it again.

Before geodone I self-medicated. After geodone, well, street drugs are cheaper. So I got back on dope. Since I got off geodone – well, I just keep going back to jail. I ain’t been back on the street long enough to do shit. When you get depressed  & shit, I guess just go back to doing what you do.

My name’s James Clark. My MDOC# is 7493. My favorite color is black. Black & white. I like gunsmithing and rock and roll & I love my two kids. I’m doing 9 months on a 4 year sentence for OAS.

James Clark
MDOC# 7493
17 Mallison Falls Rd
Windham, ME 04092