In this State, everybody is absolutely guilty until proven innocent. I have been fucked over by Cops and the Court many times, the only way to prove innocence, is to have at least $5000 to pay a lawyer. Forty appointed lawyers do nothing but agree with the DA here to a few examples of my run-ins.

1: My first round: I was pulled over in a Ford Bronco II Supposedly for doing 65mph in a 25mph zone. Anyone who knows Washington Village at all would know that a Bronco II at even 30mph around those corners would be upside-down in a heartbeat. I demanded to see the cops radar: He laughed and said, “Go ahead and look.” It wasn’t even turned on! He just saw two young men and wanted to search my vehicle. So lose license 90 days. So far nothing.

2: I had to pay a $1200 fine for trafficking by cultivation because my idiot roommate at the time had one of his buddies put plants in his closet. I had nothing to do with it. I didn’t even know it was there. (It had 1 joint worth of leaf on it.)

3: Now I’m sitting here in Windham Correctional Facility for 12 months because a cop says he saw me driving 2004 Green GMC 21 with tinted windows on a rainy 4th of July with no license. He arrested me 45 days later on my birthday, eating dinner with my wife and mother and brother. No proof I was driving, but there is also no proof I wasn’t.

Court appointed lawyer idiot! Says Cop’s word against yours doesn’t look good for you. So I fired him we hired a lawyer $1600. Later, “Cop’s word against you doesn’t look good for you.” For $6000 maybe we can beat this.

What the fuck, why can’t a person stand up in court by themselves and fight for their innocence? Apparently, If you don’t have enough extra dough kicking around to buy a new car or a lawyer, then nobody wants to listen and you can just sit in a concrete closet for 12 months.

Guilty until proven innocent.

– Robert Henilton
MDOC# 54716
Windham, ME 04062