My name is Tad Fellows. I am an inmate at the MCC in Windham.

My story starts back in the summer of 2008. Around July or August of 2008, my girlfriend and I lost our home, and jobs. Although I got a job Wal-Mart shortly after, we lost our trailer. We were unable to find another home. We were forced to live with other family members in the area. On the 13th of March 2009, I lost my job at Wal-Mart, and a week later, my family. And I got kicked out of my mother’s house.

Now we were forced again to find new living arrangements, and this time I betrayed my mother and stole something from her in order to pawn it and get money. I did my time for that crime, although it never would have come to that point if I were still working.

Since March 13, 2009, I have not had a single job in the state or anywhere else. I looked everywhere, every week, from Newport, ME to Augusta, ME every store and every place that might hire me was checked on a weekly basis. All my efforts seem to fail me. I even went to work agencies with no luck as well.

I robbed two stores to take care of my girl and our three kids so that we would not go hungry or cold and so that our new born would have the necessities he needed. None of what I took went to drugs or anything of that nature. It all went to the necessities of living. The first store I robbed, I got about $900 and it lasted 3 months. The second store I got $200 and that lasted 1 month to support ourselves and our kids.

Our justice system deemed it necessary to give me a sentences of 8 years all but 30 months (2 and a half years) suspended, with 3 years probation!

My girl just found out that she is pregnant again with our fourth child, and I will be locked up for a lot of it…

How is that right in the eyes of society?

– Tad Fellows
MDOC# 71591
Windham, ME 04062