Call me “Ishmael.”

I got 180 Days, suspended after serving 7 days with 1 year probation for my 2nd OUI. Had no representation… just the prosecutor threatening me with jail time, so I took the sentence.

I violated it 2 times for drinking and dirty urine… my fault. The second violation they gave me is curfew, I had to go to counseling once a week, I had to try to find a job immediately. I went to at least 2 AA meetings a week and would see him every other week. The counseling was in Biddeford, he was in York half the time. So I could barely get to counseling or my appointments. I have absolutely no family to help me get around… but it didn’t matter. He sent the police over almost weekly to check my curfew. If the police didn’t show up, he would. He would search the whole house for me, &c.

On 3-31, my 2 1/2 year old son fell down the stairs and broke his arm. I brought him to the hospital with my girlfriend. When we got back in the car I realized it was 5:45. I got back to Wells at 6:08 to find the police at my house. They proceeded to arrest me for violating my curfew. It didn’t matter that I was taking care of my family or was only 8 minutes late. They cuffed and stuffed me in front of my twin boys.

I’ve been here for a month, I was supposed to go to court yesterday (4-25). They never came to get me. I’ve asked the captains and upper brass repeatedly for an explanation: Why? I have paperwork to prove it. I haven’t got an answer yet. BULLSHIT!

– Ishmael

P. S. Then to top it off on top of everything else, my girlfriend was at the courthouse and they gave me a failure to appear. She told the clerk that I was incarcerated and they acted like she didn’t fucking exist and I still haven’t heard anything from in here. Nice!