My name is Otis Johnson and I am currently incarcerated by the Dep. of Corrections in Windham, ME and right now I’m at the York Co. Jail in Alfred. It’s all part of the process to get where I’m going to do the majority of my time which is Charleston Correctional Facility.

The jail gets $110.00 a day and I get food in small portions and it tastes so bad I wouldn’t feed it to my hunting dog. It’s really bad. I’m glad I’m not going to be here long. Some inmates have even gotten food poisoning, and the other night I saw mold on a piece of cornbread! This is a real crisis and someone needs to know about it. We may be inmates and criminals but we are not animals.

I would also like to say Hi, to my friend Lisa Leighton who is the sister of my friend Robert Bartlett, who is in this screwed up Jail with me.

Thanks for listening,

– O. Wayne Johnson