My name is Ray Munsan, aka X-Ray. My MDOC# is 1583366. I’m at YCJ.

So – Officer Gallager ‘formerly a lieutenant in  York County Jail is now the new flower nazi. Instead of busting these guys in jail with syringe’s and coke/crack, suboxone, &c, he’s stealing our flowers that my celly and I have made. Carnations and roses. They take a long time which keeps us busy for the most part. But he isn’t giving up.

They allow gambling in  York County Jail, which results in fights. Aside from the drugs and the gambling they seem to play dumb when certain things are not done the way they should be. They play favorites. It’s hard to contemplate that Gallager & the Plumber get off taking our flowers that we’ve made. Meanwhile not causing fights or arguments and keeping quietly to ourselves.

What’s wrong with this picture?

We make the flowers from fruit punch and toilet paper. Nothing from the outside world. What a jack-ass! What possesses this guy? Was he trapped in a greenhouse as a young child? Did an evil stepfather make him tend to the flower garden while forbidding him to play baseball with the neighbor kids? Perhaps he has a problem with instant carnation breakfast or Rosie O’Donnell.

Most officers here are way cool. Not Gallager & the Baconater, though. They’re flowers! Gosh!

Thank you.

– Ray Hunsan