Derrick Gerrish, again!

Why are females rarely even arrested for domestic abuse?

I was a victim of domestic abuse:

I woke up one morning to my girlfriend breaking my glass entertainment center and TV. I tried to get her to leave, and she wouldn’t: she started attacking me with a hot hair straightening iron, clawing and kicking me. She kicked me in my groin and bit me in the face! I called the police and reported a domestic. I went to the bathroom to look in the mirror and when I came out, she had left.

So I started walking to my dad’s, the police pulled over and started questioning me. I told them, they seen the marks and the blood on my face. They took pictures and another officer went to get her side of the story. She admitted to badgering me, but said it was self-defense, because I was choking her in a  snow bank. The officer that stayed with me let me go on account I was the victim.

I was eating breakfast at a diner with my father when they barged in and arrested me in front of a dozen people. They said I was the “perp” in the domestic. She had no marks, I had tons and I was the one who called 911.

I spent 2 months in YCJ, come to find out the officer advised her if she didn’t want to go to jail, she would have to write a statement saying exactly what he told her to say.

If that’s not a problem with our system, then what is?

Or maybe it was the DA’s negligence to hear my defense.

My defense is simple: How could I choke her in a snow bank when it happened inside my house? Also, if I did choke her why was there no marks? And how could I have so many marks and blood if it was self-defense? And how did she bite me if I was choking her? The DA didn’t want to hear it and gave me the ultimatum of taking 60 day or risk getting 6 months taking it to trial.

Wow, what a “system.”

– Derrick Gerrish