This is inmate Robert “Scarface” Bartlett / 32270

In my last Pol Pris entry I was pretty harsh, yes, indeedy. (I am very black & white, not only in the mindset of a criminally insane addict, but also as they have been towards us.)

But – we do have friends wearing coats white, black, blue, brown and red. Today I want to send out warm fuzzies to the librarians @ York County Jail. Not only did they go out of their way in giving me a full printout of Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl,” but even further – they printed me out the instructions for Parts VII & VIII of the form 1023 which, with painful difficulty (4 months worth!) I’ve had trying to wrench it from the outside world, you would imagine it was some ancient Holistic cuniform text, resting in the lost tomb of Otis Porkmeyer & guarded by 30 chaotic evil 7th level clerics.

Thank you, Oh Anonymous
York County Librarian!

– Robert Bartlett