Hi, all. This is Ray, “Rage’s Roomie.” 113 York County Village. My address will soon be returning to Windham. Before I leave, I just want to say that being here has been quite the experience.

First and foremost, Don’t ever decide to order Anything off the menu here. Deff two thumbs down. It’s like we’re stuck in a bad dream without any delicious food. We can’t even get salt and pepper or condiments. What a rip off. I want my money back.

Second (“The cops and the COs”) should we just start by calling most of them Bad Cops and Bad COs? If your job is to watch inmates, #1 you shouldn’t be sneaking salt and pepper to the trustees. #2 you shouldn’t be chewing tobacco while on duty. After all, it’s a state wide law: no tobacco products even on the property. #3 you shouldn’t be using words you don’t understand, Anderson, “AKA Baconator.” He’s right up there of the worst Correctional Officer I think I’ve encountered. Stealing the flowers we’ve made here and I don’t believe as an authority to Us. He shouldn’t be using the words Fag and Shitbag. Fucking Blanket Nazi and Flower Nazi. Grow up and do the job the tax payers are paying you to do.

Another shitbag is Gallager. “AKA – the Ultimate Flower Nazi.” But like all things that are true and honest in life, you can’t stop the Revolution of toilet paper flowers. By the way, they sell quite well.

Now let’s turn our attentin to “Turner.” AKA “Hotdog.” AKA “Good Cop.” He’s here to do a job and respect himself enough to know when enough is enough. I think he deserves a raise. He has totally gone out of his way to make my stay at the York Hilton much more tolerable, by having respect for us. We ARE still humans (well most of us). Thanks, Turner. Good luck on the raise.

So, let’s recap a little. We have scumbag guards who break the law and they get away with it. Then there is some decent Cops & COs that have to pick up their slack. What a bunch of retards.

Let’s talk about some inmates. We have the guys with “Needles” and drugs. The gamblers gone unnoticed, and the checking of the meds to sell. Yet the cops are worried about my fucking toilet paper flowers. What’s wrong with that picture?

Love the “intellectual” people at my table as well. We have the over-eaters and bitchers. We have a Native American, “Chief Wah Wah Wah” of the “Idon’twanna” tribe. He’s a beast from Hell and I can safely say, he’s a hater. Hater against gays, blacks and of course, himself. Fuck you, Tomoha.

– Ray