My name is Ryan Wood. I am a 32-year-old male from Lewiston, ME. I will be living in Augusta, ME upon my release July 1st. I am looking to meet a positive group of people. A friend asked me to write this blog, so here it is. I had rage sketch me so you can see what I look like. The picture is dead-on.


I was also asked to talk about anything positive happening here. One, is my IOP teacher Denise, secondly my school teacher Kay. Finally, my good buddy, “DJ” Mason. Oh, the building we medium security guys live in, the “Security” building, is so old that it violates building code! The state pays the feds a fine of $1000 per day, per inmate (100 inmates)! Ask your governor about that, huh?

– Ryan Wood
(AKA – Daddy of Five, AKA – Hurricane)