Dear Amber,

Hey girl, what’s going on? How have you been doing lately? It’s been a long time since I talked to you. As you can probably figure, I fucked up pretty good. I am just finishing up a 2-year prison sentence. I got 36 days left. I spanked my stepdaughter a little too hard one day. I left a dark red handprint on her butt. So I got charged with assault. Me, Cyndy and the girls left the state. We went to North Carolina and tried to start over. Cyndy was pregnant with my daughter Cyara May Wood. What a beautiful little girl, Amber. Well, the police issued a warrant. They tracked us to our place in NC. Well, I got extradited back to Maine. They gave me 2 years for the charge. Well, I lost Cyndy, the state made us go our own ways! So here I am. I come out yesterday and I see Robin. We were talking and your name came up. Only in a good way though! So I decided to write a letter to you. I am having him send the letter because I don’t know your address. I have thought about you from time to time. I really enjoyed chillin’ together. And that’s not all I enjoyed. But I won’t go there, I’ll be good! :) I guess I’ll let you go. I would love to hear from you if you want to write back. Let me know how Sassy and Saber are doing? And of course, let me know how you are. All right girl, I hope to hear from you.


– Ryan Wood,  L. L. :)
MDOC# 13511