Dear Olivia,


How are you doing? I hope upon your receiving this letter that it will find you in the best of health. I will say this before I get into this last letter: I will not be worrying about anything from now on. Nothing, because it is going on three weeks without a letter & I already know what’s up. I am not stupid.

So I hope you & him are happy. & all I need you to do is file the paper work for the Divorce & I will swing by when I get out to pick up ALL my things 7 give you back all your pics because already have a memory of you.

I will not be back. I plan on leaving the state anyway, so please don’t bother to find me. You have your new boyfriend & a new life, I was told. So just move on with your life.

I will not be coming back. Also don’t worry. After I swing by, I will not anymore. One shot deal & I will call first.

Did you get to tell your boyfriend about your herpes? He will love to know that, just asking, because I know you had sex with him already. But again, that’s your problem. Thank God I am clean. Already been checked.

Just thought to tell you, again, too bad you didn’t have the heart to write me and tell me the truth.  Maybe I am jumping the gun & making a mistake. That’s okay, will add it to the rest I already have. N.P. Like you told me, you have always loved me. But you have no more trust or respect & I understand that. Sorry you feel that way. I need to go work out.

If you write back to these letters, I will write back & if not, that’s understandable too. He wouldn’t let you, anyways. Please know this: I was happy being with you. Happier after we got married, but all things have an ending… & looks like ours is now. With that, I need to say, please take care of yourself.

– T

P.S. I will never forget you, nor ever stop loving you.

P.S.S. Sorry this had to end this way. Your choice – is all I will say.

P.S.S.S. I will also say & leave you with this, I heard a lot of shit about you & even ask & get no answer. So, I heard you’re trying to get pregnant? I heard – your problem. Take care. – T

P.S.S.S.S. Also, just so you know, I got so big that I got stretch marks on my arms. I am big, wow! And look good. – T