Dear Olivia,


How are you doing? I really don’t understand why you would think or play me like I am stupid or something, but if you want to keep up with the headgames & the cheating like you’re doing — yes, cheating — I already got the 411 on everything & I have been thinking a lot after I got your last letter. Go ahead, file the Divorce paper work — or I will! I plan on leaving Maine for good when I get out in December anyway! I will be over to pick up ALL my things when I get out. I will have a ride to the trailer & to the bus station.

I hope you told your new boyfriend you have herpes — I’m sure he will be happy to know that. But that’s your problem. I know you couldn’t be strong & keep your legs closed! Just like I heard you were trying to get pregnant again! Good luck with that.

But anyways, I will be popping up at the trailer when I get out, only to pick up my shit & give you these pics, then I will be gone. & I will tell my family, so don’t bother. I get to go back to the Free life & the gangs. Also the tattoo I have your name will be getting covered ASAP. I don’t want nor need any memories of you.

As long as I have been in Maine, I never — I mean NEVER — cheated on you, but you do it to me? Fuck you!! I don’t need the stress!

This is hard to do, but I will be okay. I only have 7 months to go.

But, anyways, if you write me back, I will write back. If not, that’s cool too.

Take care of yourself,

Love, always,

– Travis