Hey anyone,

How are you? I am a lonely man. I want a penpal and a friend to write for 6 months. I get out then and if I find that you like me and chemistry’s developed, maybe I could turn into your “Prince Charming,” or your Knight in Shining Amor! See? I even have a sense of humor, hahaha. :)

I had a lot going on for me until I got arrested. I lost alot. Oh, well. I’m not lazy and I’m a go-getter, so I can re-establish myself in hardly no time. Plus, I just found out that I won my lawsuit. I should have a small nestegg by the time I’m released on Thanksgiving next. Plus a monthly check.

So, excuse the horrid penmenship. I hardly feel this left hand I’ve yet to get the surgery (outpatient) for the accident that traumatized my elbow. :P Ouch! Anyway, I’ll be okay and fix this thing that is similar to carpal tunnel. Regardless, I got more money than the pain and suffering. Yee haw – party time, if you want.

I’m suffering really bad loneliness during the holiday season, while my roommate and everyone has girls writing them.

I’m a big eater and you could win all my devotion by just feeding me. Yum yum. :) I’ve lived half my life in Florida, and I don’t like the cold or snow for long periods. I was a dancer for years down there. I can still move really well, even without my vicadin 7.5 – haha. I like beer and wine but stay away from whiskey. I do like brandy. Have you ever made homemade? Sugar, vodka, foldgers & boil.

I’m 5′ 11″ tall, blue eyes, 205 lbs now, no fat – all muscle, because I work out. i have a big white teeth smile with large kissy face lips. Yes, I’m proud of my looks and I work hard on my body to stay SEXY. You’ll see if you write back and send me a photo.

I want you in my life, even if it’s just as a friend. I am hoping more developes, but “friends first and foremost”! I have lighter hair in summer and down south. I keep my hair short (military flat top), cause it’s so curly and ruly, long. I’m dying to see you & your photo. :)

I’m a mechanic, run my own business and can fix anything except a woman’s broken heart. I’m only human, but that never stops me from trying. I must be overly hard-headed, haha! I have a big foolish heart, and usually try to save the underdog. I feed the hungry and give a lot to the lower income. Repairing their cars, &c.

I always have 5-10 cards or trucks for sale at any given time and 5-10 to repair or sell or scrap if on hand cash gets low. This is rarely an issue ’cause I have a huge cash flow and get paid almost daily. I’m really good at what I do! I’m not concerned. I’m convinced! :)

I grew up in a family junkyard and took over when I was of age. Right now, I have a couple good working trucks and an old camaro 4-speed v-8. Can you drive a standard? I love old muscle cars and always play with high-performance autos. I buy, fix, sell or trade autos of all types. I like doing this so much, it’s become my hobby as well as my main source of income. I have a lot of fun doing this and don’t work for anyone unless I’m making an exorbitant amount. I ride back roads looking for old or wrecked cars/trucks to restore or scrap. I’ll buy anything i can make a profit from. Again, I’m very good at my job. All legal, too!

I like country, classic rock first! I’ll listen to anything but Rap :( Yuk! I eat like a horse and work like a dog. I’m a little boy at heart. I love to laugh and am always grinning. I have very little body hair. No BO or stinky feet! I much prefer home-cooked meals, but while on the road / my job, I’ll eat fast food or search small restaurants. Breakfast is a must and usually a good home-made supper. I’m a good breakfast cook and on certain meals they are my specialties. I do a lot in my crock pot. Stews, soups and spaggetti sauces. My favorite! I could eat pasta at least once a day. I love to watch movies and snuggle up while eating ice cream or sweets / snacks or leftovers. I’ve seen almost every movie made. I love action movies, but have liked a lot of those animated / kids movies that are popular. I’ve been in 2-3 long-term relationships and am not looking for a one-night stand / fling. I’ve never married but that’s because I was young and stupid and then never found my equal.

I like sex 5-20 times a week and am not above begging. Ha ha :) I hope you see my good side / sense of humor. I look 35-40 and am full of so much love that woman will be my Queen if she treats me right. I’m a good man.

Please don’t hold it against me for me being here! I got two assaults. My “bud” and my ex got together and broke the glass out of some of my autos. I punched him and threw a beercan at her. Good shot / my bad. That’s the short version.

Anyway –  somewhere there is a woman out there for me to love and be loved by. My soulmate. Sex is very important. Food is very important. Communication is very important, along with devotion. I’m an aquarius, a dreamer, yet, able to hold a grasp on reality. I can usually make quick judgments of people and be right on point.

I hope I’ve given you enough info to know me and respond. I’m worth any and all your efforts.

Please, please, make a lonely man’s day. :)

– Barry Bard
MDOC# 24724
17 Mallison Falls Rd
Windham, ME 04062