What does the abbreviation “C/O” mean? Well, there is many meanings. I have not found Correction Officer to be one, yet I like to use this on. C/O, also know as, conscientious objector.

The reason for this is because it makes sense to me.

In the dictionary, Conscientious Objector means: “A person who refuses to serve in the armed forces on moral grounds.

Now the word “Conscientious” means: “A person guided by one’s own sense of right or wrong.

The word “Objector” means: “A person who disapproves.” Now the word, “disapprove” means: “to pass unfavorable judgement on.

In my opinion, Conscientious Objector stands for the abbreviation “C/O” one-hundred percent (100%).

Not all 40s are like this, yet the majority are. And this is my reason for choosing this meaning of the abbreviation “C/O.”

To be continue…


– Kevin Lawlor, MCC