Hey taxpayers. Did you know that, up at Windham, the building where they house medium security inmates, “The Security Building,” is so old & decrepit & has violated so many building codes that the state gets fined at the rate of $1000 per prisoner per month – because things aren’t fixed? That’s $100,000 per month!

Oh, and – do you know who sells MDOC its shoes, toothpaste, deodorant, cards, blankets, &c? The Bob Barker Company! That’s right! Bob Barker! Apparently his son, Bart, was killed in prison, so now Bob wants to make sure we all have cheap toothpaste. I don’t know, maybe that last part (about the son) is a myth. Know what’s bad in here right now, aside from 70% of us having Hep-C? Mercer!

My name’s Joseph Poulin, and I’m a safe-cracker, but otherwise, a sweet guy, solid citizen. Write me ladies! MCC, Windham.

– Joseph Poulin, MCC