This is Joe Vereen, MCC, Windham, MDOC# 111925

I’m in medium security behind the wall, and I haven’t had any problems here. I think it’s a good environment for rehabilitation. I’m in security south building, and I work in the kitchen (I want to give shout outs to all the guys in the block, and especially to Matt (Animal) and to Matt (Hawk) in the kitchen!).

So, I’ll be out of here next February coming up & when I leave, I want to go to school to be an engineer. I want to thank God & Jesus for all the good, and Liz! I LOVE YOU!! Hi to everyone & my family and, oh, got to give Rage, the magic man his propers – thanks for all, Rage! Also, thanks to Holistix for giving a damn and to Lyssarian who runs the site and God bless everyone who supports or writes a convict.

Thank you.

– Joe Vereen
MDOC# 111925

Better walk on your tip-toes, don’t tie no bows, try to stay away from those that carry round a garden hose. Keep a clean nose. And watch the plain clothes. You don’t need a wealthier man to know which way the wind blows.
– Bob Dylan