By Chris Hamilton, MDOC# 3390

She has been called the most alluring, tempting, and entrapping of her kind. Her widespread popularity spoken of at many times at gatherings with numerous types of people. In circles of her own class she is rarely outshined. She has been called the bringer of life, a dying man’s savior, or the strength a man may need to go on… All of this means nothing to her. She  is what she is. She does what she does. One who can elate the saddest person that has been touched by loss or grief. One that is said to be man’s greatest cure for depression. One who is able to free any of those in life who have been encumbered by ones’ own shackles of loyalty, duty and commitment. After a single touch. A singular taste of her, people have been known to willingly give up everything they have worked hard their whole lives to accumulate. But you want more. She taunts and teases. Your senses have already been attuned to her. She’ll control you now, if you choose to let her. She slips into your mind and gives you another taste. It is she. Once again she has proven to be the greatest seductress known to mankind. You’ve become her latest victim. You’ve just been seduced…

…by Alcohol.

– C Hamilton