To my wise, former sponsor, Ben F. (Mr. Dover) from Augusta, Maine AA. Thank you for your guidance, you sniveling cocksucking bitch. You don’t like yourself or your repulsive image, too wide for a mirror. Internal dialog twisted. Insecure. “I don’t feel good – Don’t bother me.” (You don’t say that to the mentally-illy young female newcomers you “sponsor”!) Did Daddy stop your weekly stipend? Your true question is “Why? Poor me!! I go to AA but I can’t put down the cupcakes! I can’t get shit for free!” And as far as Uncle Max goes, after the exodus from Russia, he’s grateful for any opportunity. BTW – I heard you on the radio as a satisfied customer for LA Harley. Well, if their bikes will support your generous girth at highspeeds, plus a mentally disturbed homeless girl, I’m sold!


– Don Williams
MDOC# 99212