My name is Nikolas Mcgrane, MDOC# 67033

I suffer from pericarditis. Everyone has a pericardium, the tissue surrounding the heart. Mine, for unknown reason, gets inflamed, squeezing my heart. On 7/5 I started experiencing chest pains, but I decided to wait & see if they’d pass. By 7/8 it was so bad, I did ask for help. I was given prednisone, to bring down the swelling & something for pain. That night the pain was back & I was afraid I was gonna die. (My Fiance Courtney is pregnant with our 2nd child due to be born in October). A bunch of C/Os came to my room, but they refused to bring me to the hospital. Instead, I was up all night waiting for my heart to stop until 830 the next day when medical finally came.

If I die, now you know why.


Nick McGrane, MDOC# 67033
MCC, Windham