All through my life, I’ve been afflicted with hate,
it even influences my decisions, often changing my fate.
Sometimes it’s simply not there, vanished without a trace.
Other days it’s embarrassingly clear, it’s written on my face.
When it emerges, there’s not much that I am able to do
Rushing into the open, cause me trouble as if on cue
Conversations get twisted, often ending up with a fight
I see that I need perspective, to shed some new light
It can be simply an opinion, coming out of a mouth in a sneer
Instantly changing my mood, a punch through but why is not clear
Years I’ve been fighting, time after time after time
There is no way to win, there is no reason or rhyme
Anger and rage, they constantly gnaw on my soul
Hatred smolders and festers, driving me into a bottomless hole

It has taken many years, at last I am it’s boss
There is nothing it can do, it cannot cause me a loss
When my mind crosses the line, jumps from sane to bullshit
I smile and click my switch, I mentally flush it
I’m sane and I’m happy, no more dragging that crap around
I flush it all, and enjoy the new life that I’ve found.

– Chris Hamilton