Like I said, not all yet the majority of C/Os are inconsiderate, self-centered, shitbags. That have a badge that goes to their dense fucking heads.

Example, I work in the kitchen and I broke a window by accident with a food cart, this one C/O who was watching me or so I thought. I said to him, “Did you see that?” Thinking he saw me broke the window. This idiot of a C/O says to me, “What your specialty hari cut?” He was watching my fucking hair cut, my fucking hair cut, this shitbag thought I had a mohawk which is not aloud here at MCC. So he thought he had me by the balls. The only thing he had by the balls was himself a shitbag for a C/O.

The majority of COs are like this (a shitbag C/O) beause they hate the world count’ make it in the armed forces, can’t keep a girlfriend or boyfriend. So their just angry about Life, and come to work to get back at their drunk parents who beat them or lost them. So they come here and take their anger out on us inmates. Well, I say fuck these conscientious objectors, who think their better than everyone. One day, they themselves will be in front of a judge, and then we’ll see who’s who.



– Kevin Lawler, aka “Cavern”