I’m Andrew Forbis, MDOC# 11365

I’ve been a member of the NRA since the 1990s, & have received numerous awards from the organization & from Senators Snow & Collins for my work in support of the rights articulated by the second Amendment. I’m a 3-time felon & was busted for my 5th & final probation violation in November of 2009, when my probation officer out of Cumberland County discovered 9 guns at my home. (They belonged to my mother, actually.) So I’m finish off 4 1/2 years here at MCC.

I was actually writing because while on probation I was court-ordered to receive counseling & substance abuse treatment which (with no insurance) was costing me $400 a month. Many kids, most not nearly as evil as me, fail to fulfill that court-ordered demand because they can’t afford to.

Please contact your senators & legislators about the dumb reasons for overcrowding in Maine.

Thank you.

– Andrew Forbis
MDOC# 11365