Hello, my name is Chris Hamilton. I am 43 years old. I have green eyes, brown hair, 6′, 180 lbs, and I like to write. Quite a bit. Letters, poems, short stories, I do a lot of crosswords, and tend to read a lot too, when locked into a small cell and forced to. Normally my hobbies would be all of the outdoor things one would do after spending a lifetime on a lake in the middle of nowhere. I’m a heavy equipment operator and own my own arborist business. I’m a cat person. Not dogs. Too loud and dependent.

I’m always looking to meet new freinds, though at the moment I’m in desperate need of a pen-pal that actually likes to write. Writing is my outlet. I need to find somebody that enjoys communication via the pen.

Is anybody out there?

– Chris Hamilton
MDOC# 3390
MCC Windham