I’m Matt Moscillo, I’m 23 & currently incarcerated at MCC Windham.

Because of work related in juries one of my knees has very little cartlidge in it. Without these discs of cartlidge, sometimes my leg will twist into an awkward position. While incarcerated at Lincoln county jail, I popped my knee out. When this happens, I can’t pop it back myself that could get bad; but – they wouldn’t bring me to the doctor. I couldn’t move from my cot, had to pee from my cot, couldn’t get up to take my meds. That’s what finally got their attention. I suffer from a dual-disorder & when I don’t get my meds I go crazy. So mental health came to check on me. I told them what was up – the guard claimed not to know anything.

It was 20 hours between my initial complaint & when they finally had to bring me to the doctor.

Then. I come to Windham. I was playing ball up here in medium & then this idiot checked me – I didn’t want to beat him, so I punched a door instead – broke my hand. It was 6 weeks before I got to see the orthopedic surgeon. Since it’s 6 weeks later & there’s been healing, he won’t touch it. So my hand is the size of a book, obviously broken & when I leave here I’ll have to get it rebroken. It sucks cause I play guitar. I play lead for Rage.


– Matt Moscillo