They shot a veteran in Augusta! According to the sunjournal, the Warden’s Service (?), the Cops (of course) and a VA cop (support the troops!) killed James F Popkowski, who was a 37 year old US Marine. Killed him!

Oh, he carried a gun the paper said, “in a threatening manner.” So they killed him. I hope we can link to this story! He had an illness – put a sign on  his lawn that accused vA doctors of killing him by withholding stem cell medicine. I’m going to write out what he’d written (quoted in the paper) in 2008:

“Suicide is like a little devil, always on my shoulder and always tempting me . Concern for the care of my three dogs after I am gone, my dogs being the only thing I feel anything that resembles passion for, is the only thing I think that has kept me from pulling the trigger on the loaded pistol which rests next to my pillow. The best way to describe the mental & emotional issues is that I am numb, passionless. Nothing brings joy or pleasure. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with degrees in Computer info systems and business management in just 3 years. Now I cannot mentally focus long enough to read a newspaper.”

Good thing the Machine killed him! A veteran! My heart cries for him & his family. Thank you for serving James. This good for nothing convict remembers you, even if nobody else does.

– Rage