Don “Grendal” Williams again, a prisoner at the MCC in Windham, with two labels which should be a plus here but which aren’t.

1) I’m a gulf coast veteran. (How come there are so many vets in here?) So, where is the love & support from the citizenry I fought for? (Sent me off to Afganistan, to go and kill the taliban) Nope. Well, I guess I shouldn’t have seen unspeakable things committed with .50 calibers which haunt my dreams & shouldn’t have gotten hooked on self-medication when I returned to “Opaitopia” (Maine).

2) I’m a long term member of AA. Now, I wrote something recently about a former sponsor of mine, whose ample girth is still capably supported by a Harley (constructed well, apparently) sold to him by LA Harleys (Never trust sponsors who tell you that doing odd jobs for them is part of recovery!)

I don’t remember what I wrote, but Ben F. “Dover” is no longer my sponsor. I was going to write about how AA people (sorry, not just district 12) react when members go to jail (they say, “Fuck you! Bye bye!” gossip about you, & if they can, they divide your garments by casting lots. AA NEVER writes or visits.) But — my current sponsor Mike K, does write me, actually sent me a recovery bible.

Hey – know why I love AA meetings in Maine, cause I can gamble at the meetings! In Maine, gambling isn’t considered a compulsion by Ben F. and AA so there’s a 50/50 raffle at nearly every meeting! Yay!


Don Williams
MDOC# 99212