The only contact I have with you outside people while I’m in here for the next few years is mail & phone. In both cases, I’m completely at your mercy. I can write letters (if I have money sent by you) or I can call you (if I have money put on the phone by you) but you don’t have to write me or take my call. When I write or call you, I always have to be nice to you & I usually can’t disagree with you, ’cause if I do you sometimes won’t write back or take my phone calls. You, on the other hand, can pretty much say and do whatever. I’ll still call & I’ll still write, ’cause I need you.

I’ve been trying to get in touch with you, Erin, since Wednesday (though she’s gone a month 1/2 without taking my calls before. Why?) I’m in prison, by Moses! I’d answer your calls! I’d even write you! (I’ve been on the mailing list for political prisoners since march for Holistics and am I still on it, ’cause I thought I was supposed to get cards?)

So if your man’s a prisoner & calls you, answer it.

Answer the phone, Erin. Please?

– Bruce “The Juice” Holt
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