Hey bitches! This is K. Cavern Lawler again, MDOC# 86430.

I have a problem. I was recently transferred from medium to minimum. While in medium, I had a paid job in the kitchen ($60 a month – I know, only in jail, right?) I moved to minimum, and lost it!

Why? Who knows. There are minimum peeps (like my buddy the Bruce) who work at the kitchen and minimum child molesters, or skinners, who are minimum (called “skinimum”) who work at the kitchen. What the fuck?

Is it because I’m not retarded (sorry Bruce!)? Is it because I’m not a skinner (no apologies there)? So now, I have to compose poems in exchange for cups of coffee. Why, God, why?

I love you, Sunshine! Cheers!

– Kevin “Cavern” Lawler
MDOC# 86430