It’s Seldom that we go through an hour or a day and not experience feelings of self-consciousness, tension, anger, depression, fear, sadness and envy. It is also common that during the course of a day, we experience pleasant states, that we wish we had more often or would last forever.

It’s very difficult to see what really is when we’re actively filtering all the input. The mind is constantly and compulsively defining… itself and building a negative image… from passing thoughts. We select from the great mix of our experiences, an image here and there, and discredit the rest through some sort of rationalization.

We tend to judge and comment, not from what is true, yet from what we fear or envy, the judging mind has an opinion about everything. It’s full of noise and old learning, it’s a mind imprisoned, addicted, to maintaining an image of its past experiences, not wanting to let go. Because of fear of the unknown.


Kevin Lawler
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