This is Jimmy “Gunny” Clark, one more time. First I was sorry to hear about Dr. Bevin getting fired here at MDOC. Dr. Bevin – I hear you read this & I just wanted you to know that I feel better than I have (mentally) in forever. This is all thanks to you & your patience & the way you worked with us. Thank you! You were just too good for this place. Take care. You’re the best.

And I’m outta here real soon, and I haven’t gotten any kind of card from anyone in Holistix. Well, Rage gave me a  card, but he’s another prisoner. I planned on getting involved when I get out, but I guess it will wait until Rage is free.

Thanks Lyssarian for posting our stuff. Do you have Circles in Carolina?

– Gunny
James Clark
MDOC# 7493

The Admiral: I wore my wedding ring for a year after my wife died outta respect.
Rage: I wore my wife’s combat boot up my ass for like 5 years. But not outta respect. It just wouldn’t come out.