On June 17th 1744, the Commissioners from Maryland & Virginia negotiated a treaty with the Indians of the six nations at Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The Indians were invited to send their boys to William & Mary College. The next day they declined the offer as follows:

“We know that you highly value that kind of education taught in these colleges, & that housing & providing for our young men would be very expensive to you. We are convinced that you mean to do us good by your proposal, & we thank you, heartily. But, being wise, you know that different nations have different ways of doing things, & that you won’t take it the worng way if our ideas of education are different than yours.

“We have had some experience with your education system. Several of our young people were brought up at the colleges of the north. But when they came back to us, they were bad runners, ignorant of the ways of woodcraft… neither fit for hunters, warriors, nor counselors. They were totally good for nothing.

But, though we decline your kind offer, to show our appreciation of it, if the Gentlemen of Virginia will send us a dozen of their sons, we will take care of their education, instruct them in all we know, & make men of them.”

Get it?

– Santos
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