Hey people, it’s X-Ray, with another installment of This Useless Place they call Prison. Yeah, Maine “Correctional” Center. What a joke. I feel like there is a different set of rules for everyone. Why is that? Beats me. LOL. Oh, I know! Because of the slob ass guards that think they’re actual cops for some reason. They obviously have control issues. The female guards especially. Can you say smile or sunlight? Get a personality while you’re at it too!

So, I’ve talked with my best friends recently and they are doing well. I miss them like crazy. I wish this bad VACATION would end. I would SO ask for my money back! And pick a different ride. This one is a little too real. Some parts anyway. But as far as like old school goes, there isn’t any metal doors with bars in them. I have a regular wooden door and a regular latrine. I guess I’m not complaining. It’s not like it’s the best place on Earth like Walt Disney or even a dive bar.

Wow, “What a day for a nice wedding” is playing on the “boom box” lol. I love that tune. I know – “random” – I just had to add another line or two. :) Great tuneage.

I’m also in the process of meeting a new handsome lad: Mr. Moony. What a cutie he is. I like that I feel myself with him and we are obviously getting to know each other first. Thank you to Catya and Rage. I can totally see myself fallin’ in love with him someday. That’s a plus. I would love to share my everything with him. I told him I’m looking for an equal. Total honesty and total trust. Leave the baggage at the door. That goes for me too. I am ready to be happy. I’ve made some changes in jail. My emotional, mental and physical way of life is amazing. I’m getting enough of a workout and laying off the sweets. I wish I could kiss him goodnight. Good night, Cutie. Have a wonderful week!

Till next time,

Love, music and peace,

– X-Ray
Raymond Munson
MDOC# 83366

P.S. I’m excited to know that he is out in the real world possibly waiting for me. It’s a good feeling. He made me a hand print. How cute is that… xoxo Wish us good luck and fortune!

P.S.S. I miss my mom, Kaci and Patrick, my best friends out there…