It’s X-Ray coming from MCC again! This shithole they call prison, where if you’re good enough you will earn ICE CREAM for a whole year. I’d rather pull my eyelashes out, lol.

Just writing a quick Blog telling everyone that I will now be known as “SUNDOG.” I got renamed because of the cutie I have a crush on. His name is Moonchild. So now we go together! “Like peas and carrots Jenny.”

I have found that blogging gives me an out of this place. Although I write about hos stupid this place is, I’m very glad I’m doing my first and only Bid in this kiddy camp.

What justice is out there that a 79 year old man who rapes his nine year old granddaughter gets only 18 months? I find this sentence just a little cheap.

I’m a classic drunk driver on a path to self destruction. I do believe I had to come here to get the help I needed and received.

I’m now off that miserable drug, “Prozac.” I can’t believe that it’s finally gone. I FEEL Amazingly normal. I sure have missed me. I haven’t been this happy in so long. LOVE this feeling.

NOW if only I could get a letter from MR. MOONY, it would be so perfect. Hopefully tomorrow, fingers crossed. He’s the cutest and most handsome man. (Yum) I just know we are gonna make an OUTSTANDING couple. xoxo YEAH if he ever rights. I’m so impatient in here. Not much longer.

Three very short months left. Not so bad.

I hope you all have the bestest of the best halloween night Mr. OCT 31st. As I have already mentioned I will be missing my favorite holiday this year. Boooo to that.

I’m also doing a daecopach on my cup. It has like 100 condoms stacked on each other. Adam Lambert (Yum). “If I had you.” I’ve got the goddess Gaga on the very top. I’ve got a sign that says “Wicked” with a skull cross and bones. A “Got Drugs and Sex” all spelled out. OH. I have the First Lady. No not Michelle, but the FIRST transgender woman working in the white house. Love it. Congrats first lady. And also the King of Rock “Axel Rose.” Oldie but deff a Goodie. It’s coming along.

Thanks for reading, hoped you enjoyed it. Now go smoke a joint for me!

Till next time!

Love + Peace,

previously known as x-ray

Write to at:
Raymond Munson
MDOC# 83366
17 Mallison Falls Rd
Windham, Maine 04062