Hi, my name is John Scott, but my friends call me John Redcorn.

I’m thirty five years old, native-irish American serving 1500 months for thieving & I was an accomplice in all this.

I’m not on one of those registry! I am a Christian, that the lord’s word sets deep in my soul & I honestly worship him.

I came from Wyoming where there is wide open spaces & the buffalo run free.

I’m stuck in the Windham MCC & all I’ve been doing is lifting weights. I listen to country music, but most generally listen to whatever females like & whatever gets the females going.

I am looking for a good female that loves & hangs out & sits & talks whatever is on their minds & what they like to do for fun activities, like, dancing, go for walks, or go to a movie together.

I would like to meet a good woman, with a good smile, that lights up the path to her heart and mind.

– Jonathan Scott
MDOC# 114184