Many men have spent their lives blaming others for their own mistakes, failing to fake responsibility for their own actions.  All of this can change when they begin seriously pumping iron: weight training.

The eventual achievement of getting through the set, building up the strength of the muscles, and learning the discipline necessary to continue making progress has its effect on the mind and spirit of men!

With this progress comes renewed Pride and Self-Confidence, and this is one reason weight training has become so popular in prisons in the USA!

Weight training changes you.  It makes you feel better about yourself, and it changes the way people treat you.  It is an avenue open to anybody, anytime.  Hard training causes the body to release endorphins (naturally occurring morphine-like substances), which lead to mood elevation and a positive outlook!

Weight training can also have a profound effect on personality, lifestyle, and success in dealing with the demands of daily living and the enjoyment of life.


Lift Safely, and Respect the Program!  – the Rec. Department

(Sign hanging in various places at the gymnasium at the Windham Maine Correctional