Chadhad to go into the Children of the Corn chanting program (CRA) to get the door open for the meeting.  We tried to bring me,Chad,Wayneand longshoreman guy.  Like I knew, Mango flipped out and mad two of the dorm three lackeys go home.  I would like to keep going, but I have a hard time working with others, another thing I never learned in Kindergarten.  Jail, man.  This place is strange.  Thirty people in very close quarters.  Can only imagine what it used to be like.  A.A.’s moving forward, Rage-less.  One of the speakers said that Rage contacted them and that he’s alive and sober.  I got into an argument with this guy in my dorm who said that Rage only goes by “Robin”.  I don’t get along with him.

Maybe I’ll get my tarot card reading done.