Well, it’s April Fool’s day, and we are getting a nice little snowstorm.  Well yesterday one of the guys in here got transferred toWindham.  I’m going to miss him, he’s one of the guys with whom I played cards with.  Today was moving day for a bunch of people in here, they either went home or moved to other pods.    Fortune moved upstairs in a cell near mine.  By the way, he says “What’s up, Holistix?”  He’s doing good so far.  I have been playing some brick house, but it’s kind of not the same with out the guys around.  Just recently I went to the prison library to order a couple of books by R.A. Salvatore and I actually did find them on the shelf of the library, so I didn’t have to order them from theBangorpublic library.  The librarian’s name is “Jackie” and she looks like she wears a table cloth.