I am the storm that angered the calm ocean,
tossed your feelings overboard with negative emotion.
I am the dark cloud that blotted out the skies,
and caused those salty tears to fall from your eyes.
I held your too close, so you couldn’t see for yourself.
Your needs were put aside and hidden on a shelf.
The games and manipulation – I must let go,
to give us all the sunlight of freedom in which to grow.
Far beyond the shadow of my past deeds,
to give ourselves some distance and the room to breath.
My love for all of you is deep enough to let it be,
to allow the dust to settle, so that we can see.
Although the pain is like razor wire around my heart,
I must break those ties to make a new start.
And if you ever want our paths to cross again,
it will finally be only your decision,
my friend…

I love you all.