Here’s something for the blog.
Lloyd Millet was a bully.  He thrived on tormenting others, using his size to scare others into giving him money.  I don’t know what inner pain/demons drove him to hurt others, but it caught up to him.  His alleged killer was often the recipient of his attention.  He abused him physically and verbally.  I do not believe that there was any kind of sexual abuse aspect to their relationship.  Millet took great delight in hitting and belittling his killer (alleged), in front of others.

Everybody has a breaking point.  Millet pushed way past that point and wasn’t even smart enough to realize it.  I wonder if he ever regained enough consciousness to regret it.  I know it’s cold but the overwhelming opinion here at the prison is – good riddance.  He was not well-liked and won’t be missed.  With Millet the general opinion was not if somebody would lay him down, but when.  The nicest thing I could say about his death is that I hope he believed in God and his Son Jesus Christ so that his soul is in heaven.