Went down to the ball field behind the skinner dorms for 1.5 hours. Kind of boring, all I did was walk around. There’s still no volleyball. It sucks because that’s what I usually watch. The wipeouts and arguments are funny as hell.

Called my mother to wish her a happy B-day today. She’s 87, she told me that on friday morning she gave my cousin the address here and he mailed me a P.M.O for $80.00. Very Cool. My ex hasn’t sent the alimony yet. Holiday, she’s the one buying my jeep off me. She owes until december, I think then I’m broke. I am now.


Here comes another holiday in prison. Oh Joy, where I don’t even have a woman now they really don’t seem to mean much to me, for one day the might get a little better big deal. On the outside I eat good – healthy food. The crap in here is something to keep me alive. I really try not to pay much attention to it. I still keep thinking about the chili I make. I’d love to have a kettle of that and some cold Heinekens to go with it, that would be a real treat.


Lost another idiot to seg… There are three for the C.R.A. Guys there under suspension now. Mike Steadman, Wayne Niski, and Vaughn Scott. Vaughn was on the top bunk with the light on jerking off at 2:00 a.m. When the guard Nancy made her rounds. She told him to knock it off. She went around at 3:00 a.m. And he was still doing it, she screamed “Knock That Off” and woke everyone up. He’s inbred anyway, strange as hell. The only write I got in 15 – months was for screaming at him to mind his own business and get the hell away from me. Shit bag.


Well, this should annoy you enough for awhile. Need to write to a lawyer today too. I wish the guy would hurry up and let know what’s going on out there. Soon, don’t know any lawyer good at lawsuits do you? I desperately need one. My Bangor attorney wants me to find a Southern Maine Lawyer to get into it. Says it’s too inconvenient for him way up there. Shit it’s all electronic or by snail-mail anyways. This shit is all stressing me out way too much.


Take Care,