Ever since I was five/ I got pushed to the side/ like I was barely alive/ Dad was a drunk/ mom shot up junk/ I grew up a punk/ thirteen on the street/ tried to complete/ I had to eat/ old fags had green/ taught me to scream/ learned the obscene/ drugs and booze/ nothing but lose/ chased by the blues/ house of correction/ got no direction/ I am an infection/ never knew love/ all push and shove/ no god above/ into the madness/ no pain no sadness/ no joy no gladness/ create my own strife/ cuts like a knife/ no place in life/ on the edge every day/ someone must pay/ headed your way/ stuck in a cage/ increases my rage/ another blank page/ kill all the hogs/ treated me like a dog/ cut through the fog/ home to a slaughter/ your wife and daughter/ blood is like water/ payment is dear/ societies fear/ left rotting here/ thirst for destruction/ living obstruction/ to a life of production…….