Some people grow up and some burn down,

was it so long ago that I left this town,

            have I ever told you that I have loved so long and deep and so hard

that I can not believe I have the power to draw breathe to eat to sleep to walk to talk

You fucking coward get up and move

isn’t this what you wanted? It’s Love!

Put the gun to your head, the illusion is dead,

oh I know you- you bitch! You’re Love!

Hiding in a smile, laughing all the while,

in some wrangled whore, flesh upon the floor,

Love Annihilates!

As soon as you fall into it, turns to shit,

exploding in your face, what a fucking waste,

so much spent, so many lost,

run away! Count the cost,

Everyone I’ve ever had is dead and gone,

because I dreamed that love solved everything,

yet I long

yet I long

I can’t disconnect me from you or you from me,


Love Annihilates!

Put it in a little package with a bow,

how in hell was I supposed to know,

drown me shoot me get a noose,

fry me deny me cut me loose,

Love Annihilates!

Dick and Virginia lying on the road,

dump another load, on a dead highway,

Causing pearls to the swine,

sucking up my precious time,

in my head abandoned cities,

crumbling and gritty,

under the nuclear fall,

the end of us all,

Love Annihilates!!!

yet I long

yet I long