I am very excited about hearing myself on the radio! This is a first for me. I am also looking forward to hearing you on the radio and the rest of the “Three More Julys” CD. I actually only have two more July’s left.

12:02 pm. – They did play Sunshine In The Wind!! That was awesome. I like the S.T.A The Knight very much and the Ferocious Reprise was very good too. I wish I could have had time to “play something pretty” in there for you. Simplicity is a good song, but like most of Matt’s stuff it is just too long and drawn out to be enjoyable all of the way through. I like the Convict Song it’s just that the recording of it was not optimal. You know the situation with that, and it is what it is. I would have loved to hear the Amerikan Rhapsody “AKA – GO” maybe next time? I will be listening next week.


note: Read about Three More Julys here