The darkest secrets you’ve done everything to hide

are eating away at all of your selfish pride

the times you tried and failed a piece of you has died

Now the rot is spreading to every single bone inside

Before it’s through you’ll wish that you had never lied

Every bit of life is a part of a greater scheme

Every day another step closer to the edge or so it would seem

You can stop your running and hiding as this is not a dream

Your hopes are blinking out like the death of a headlight beam

Now every day the life in your eyes is losing it’s gleam

The little lies have grown and will haunt you till you die

Your woman sits there chanting oh – why oh – why oh – why

You should have told here long ago but you didn’t even try

for years you’ve walked on the edge just barely getting by

Now is the time to tell the truth not another friggin’ lie

Everything you’ve left behind is still waiting there for you

it’s far too late to run but you wonder what to do

Bounty hunters have been seen this day of this you’re sure is true

They’ll bring you back to a man who’ll give you a surely final screw

Sentenced to life in prison you’ve run til you were through