It all started in the late 1980’s when we found the ozone full of holes,

no longer a scientist fantasy global warming had begun,

by the year 2010 the ice caps were melting for lack of cold,

the atmosphere was letting in more ultraviolet rays from the sun,

sleeping in the melting ice was a virus hat had been dead millions of years,

it began to thrive in the air and light searching for a host,

in the cities the virus swept infecting us with disease and fear,

no one could find a cure, the dead stretched from coast to coast,

in a little over a year, the world lost half it’s population,

some of us were inexplicably immune to the Millennium Virus,

then as fast as the virus has come, it disappeared into speculation,

the big cities are like ghost towns, no longer the money to save us,

all humanities big hopes and dreams brought down by an ancient microbe,

but we will live on and rebuild though we will never be the same,

we shouldn’t have let the precious environment around us erode,

maybe this is natures way of cleansing to start again…