Electronic ghosts are infesting this world and removing all sound of momentum as we stare blindly through them, movement, once equaled noise. To hear a clock ticking on the wall one could witness it’s second hand lurching forward and a rhythmic connection was made. As hearing the clack, clack, clack of an old royal typewriter, the letter blocks would be smashing into the rollers padded surface. There are no jumping hands or swinging arms now. The cyber ghosts have take them away. Replacing them with flashing, blinking, glowing digital and the steady hum of word processors. Silenced circuitry, these two examples were merely the beginning. Gone too is the mail – slot door rattling as the daily dose of junk – mail hits the front hall floor. The clanking brass door has been replaced by a beep and a flash from the computer. A note flashing, “You have mail.” even the junk – mail is gone. Now it is “SPAM!” A poMedialite word for “CRAP” Whirrs and Beeps. Our mechanical reality is being replaced with things that make only white – noise. I do not fear this change, in this new age change is probably a good thing. Though my attitude would surely change if I were forced to befriend a cat that had only an electronic purr.