Devious dotted dirt… stand out inside court soaked & wet straight blue grass… barred widows of plexiglass for runner front & back, simplistic conflicted stack hunkered down on what is not, timeless possessions grip the plot. “ Ohhh here comes the usual pain!!! Ohhh here comes the rain!!”

Side steep into black, shadows linger and falter flat strut forth in contend this lieing, mmisleading peace of shit! A hand up is another hand down, stitched on smiles hide the frown strings cut leave a limp limb, focus on nothing so the nothing wins “Ohhh here comes the usual pain!!! Ohhh here comes the rain!!!”

And so I sit and rehash, what of mine is good and what of mine is bad I single out my indifference with knowledge I’ve conceived so with these new eyes of mine I see the better half of me!!!

Wind stroke and double stamped, fingers bloody bruised & cramped still pressure pushes this pen to wright, a flood of emotions fills these nights a sore score and a few more torn, default conditions and new ones are born a tinge of regret trickles in, but I’m no stronger to this as I bathe in sin.